Steampunk fashion is extremely versatile. Although it requires that you have elements of both the Victorian era and the Industrial revolution, it does not strictly set specific guidelines for you to follow. You simply have to express both elements in your outfit. As to how exactly is all up to your discretion.

What’s more, steampunk outfits are made up of a lot of pieces! From your head right down to your toes, you’d be surprised at how much things you can make your body wear. You see, in steampunk fashion more is better! In fact, no matter how much layers of accessories you put into your outfit, it will never be enough. As long as you have a single theme to make them look put together, then you are good to go!

Do you know what this means exactly? It means that you can create and recreate steampunk outfits by recombining different sets of clothing pieces and accessories! It’s like having the same basic colors, but different secondary ones depending on which you decide to mix with which. Talk about practical creativity!

Ready for a bit of fun with some dress-up? Jump right in!

  1. Steampunk Blouse

These are the words you must remember with steampunk shirts or blouses: lacy, ruffles, cuffs, and high necklines. If you can have them all together in one blouse, then you are off to a great start! A crop jacket will also do the trick. You can simply use the jacket on top of a corset and you are good to go. 

  1. Steampunk Corset

Corsets are the Victorian trademark. Therefore, you will also have to wear them on your steampunk outfits. However, there’s a little twist with this one. You see, you will have to wear the corset outside, not inside. This means that the corset in your steampunk outfit does not need to be as restrictive as it usually must be in Victorian clothing. It is there simply for fashion. 

  1. Steampunk Skirt

Skirt lengths on steampunk fashion is hardly important. What’s important is the bustle. You can create the bustle effects yourself using a plain skirt with some pins and/or needles and thread.

  1. Steampunk Lace Dresses

If you find blouse and skirt ensemble to not exactly be your cup of tea, lace dresses will do nicely. As long as it has the laces, ruffles, and/or cuffs incorporated into the dress, then you are well on your way. You can even spice up your lace dress by making use of some lace/striped stockings or pairing it with a steampunk bag.

  1. Steampunk Boots

Victorian boots are often laced or buttoned-up. These are your must-haves for creating your steampunk outfit. Some are even ready with some gear-like accessories strewn across the shoes.

  1. Steampunk Accessories

To complete your steampunk outfit, throw in the metal accessories! Anything that comes in the form of gears, bolts, screws and the like will definitely belong to your outfit. You need them to truly call your outfit steampunk. Oh, don’t forget the goggles!


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